Rockyview Industries Inc. has been in the carwash business since 1992. With over 250 years of experience, Rockyview continues to take great pride in providing the industry with cutting edge equipment and service.

The message is very clear to all our employees; “Give the customers the service they deserve.” Rockyview has built its reputation on hard work and knowledge in the industry. We continue to upgrade our knowledge base and capabilities with many hours of carwash education and a tireless quest for improved performance.

Rockyview started out as a very small and very efficient family owned business. With just 3 employees, Rockyview managed to make their mark in the carwash business with superior service and an attitude that any customer would want to have as part of their team. The careful and calculated approach to this attitude has been the trademark for Rockyview employees and has ultimately lead to our successful relationships and growth.

This has made Rockyview the most versatile service, supply and installation vehicle wash company in Western Canada.