Tunnel Carwash

An automated car wash system used to clean all types of vehicles using stationary cleaning equipment that usually has a rotating or oscillating motion and includes a conveyor system to pull the vehicle through the tunnel and equipment at a fixed pace.

Automatic Friction Wash System

Automated car wash system where the vehicle being cleaned is stationary and the wash equipment which contains rotating top and side brushes along with a detergent and rinse application system moves front to back over the vehicle being cleaned.

Automatic Frictionless Wash System

Similar to the automatic friction system with the exception that the brushes are replaced with high pressure water systems that perform the task of cleaning and rinsing the vehicle.

Self Serve Wash

A coin or token operated selector that provides the customer with a selection of washing services. The basis for the cleaning is a high pressure wash gun that is complimented with a foaming detergent brush applicator inside a personal wash bay.

Truck/Bus Wash

An automatic wash system geared to serve larger vehicles with greater lengths and heights than standard passenger vehicles.


A piece of equipment used in conjunction with tunnel washes. Conveyors push a vehicle through a wash system at a fixed pace to ensure proper exposure time to wash components in the wash system. This conveyor propels the vehicle from the left side in North America.

Bug Spray

A chemical application system used to loosen road grime and bugs from the front of the vehicle. These areas of the vehicle are generally harder to clean.


A very high pressure pressure pre rinse system used to strip the lower part of the vehicle of heavy road grime and dirt.


Used to entirely wet the vehicle and help lubricate the brushes. This system helps remove loose dirt and keep the vehicle wet while the cleaning brushes are carrying out their work.


A cleaning brush that oscillates with large cloth finger usually foam. The mitter is used to clean the top and the very high sides of the vehicle.

Top Brush

Top brush is a rotating brush used to clean the top of the vehicle

Side Brush

This brush cleans the side of the vehicle. There is a variety of styles of this brush, including high side, ,rocker panel styles.

Wrap Brush

A large cleaning brush that cleans the front ,back and sides of the car. These are the brush brush which perform the majority of the cleaning on the vehicle.

Rinse Arch

A low pressure rinse system that cleans the residual dirt and cleaning agents left behind after the brushes have performed their work.

Triple Foam Applicator

This piece of equipment applies three colour foaming conditioner needed to ensures that the vehicle is properly covered with necessary conditioning agents to polish the surface of the vehicle.